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"Is it weird in here or is it just me?" Woody Allen

HOWDY! This is a platform for me to express myself. To bare my thoughts, emotions and life stories. Leaving bite-size pieces of me before I go. I graciously invite you to comment, swap stories and thoughts. Please post your comment or get in touch with me here.


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let’s learn some japanese* 

Have you ever met someone for a brief while but he / she ends up making such a big impact that you remember them for a long time to come? One such person was this Middle Eastern chap who I met at the AsiaWorks motivational seminar back in June 2005.

At the end of 3-day event, I sent him home to Puchong because he was running a high fever and it was drizzling. And I wanted to talk to him some more. He was definitely the most interesting 23 year old I have ever come across and he exudes such positive aura, I could not help to be attracted to him. Mind you, only as a friend la. I am, after all, and unfortunately, old enough to be his grandmother!

So recently, I thought of Omar. I don’t know what spurred the thought, but I missed him all of a sudden. To cut the story short, I called him and we met up for dinner. Joining us was Sha and her hubby, Rakesh whom have heard me going on and on and on about Omar like he was my favourite toy-boy. Heh. Of course, they had their reservations about my positive Omar ramblings. But when they finally met him, they were floored. He was all that I said he was and more.

When Omar comes into the room, he practically OWNS the room. Here’s why.
o He is quite a looker.
o Relatively quite tall too.
o He has abs to kill for – 6 packs yo. Slurp! He is a part-time instructor in Fitness First. That explains the abs. Double slurp!
o He always looks for ways to improve himself - he is taking Japanese lessons part-time, as he plans to work in Japan when he finished his degree. And he digs Japanese girls.
(And not grandmothers! Sigh!)

The 3-hour dinner passed by swiftly as he amused us with his stories and taught us some basic Japanese. So here’s how to remember the numbers in Japanese, Omar-style.

1 ichi
He started scratching himself and asked
“You scratched because you feel...?”

2 ni 3 san
Think of the car brand.

4 yon
What do you do when you feel sleepy?

5 go
The opposite of come is…?

6 roku
This is what you call a Japanese rookie
(Heh. Okay okay...I forgot this one, so I made it up.)

7 nana
Think of banana, without the 'ba'.

8 hachi
This is how Japanese sneezes.

9 ku
The song Negara...?

10 juu
Just remember it's juu...

And if you see the writing, from the numbers 1 - 10, they are actually similar to Chinese characters. From the numbers, Omar continued to amuse us with the similarities between Arabic words with Malay and Japanese words. That's what I really liked about him - it's never boring around him. Such a brilliant man he is. Honestly, if I was much younger, I would have jumped on him. But I am not. I am old and civilised. Damn!

P/S Lastly, the number 10,000 is pronounced as ichiman. Ha!

April 26, 2007 // anjali* pranced on tip-toes all over the keyboard at 3:48 pm