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"Is it weird in here or is it just me?" Woody Allen

HOWDY! This is a platform for me to express myself. To bare my thoughts, emotions and life stories. Leaving bite-size pieces of me before I go. I graciously invite you to comment, swap stories and thoughts. Please post your comment or get in touch with me here.


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This may be a bit delayed, but what the heck…

Yay! American Idol 5 is here! Shameleesly I tell you that I have been religiously following this season’s show since the very first audition show.

After having recovered from the trauma of last year’s big disappointment at the finals, I swallowed my own entire grunt and puke about never watching the show again. It was not a sweet tasting swig but it’s all done. I am definitely all geared up for another round of idol worshipping.

What’s so great about American Idol, you ask? Honestly, nothing much. But for me, I liked it so for many personal reasons. The main one being my energy level shoots up during each show. I just love to workout while being serenaded by these finalists, especially on Thursday nights. Haa. I will do my cardio on the stepper followed by the weights and then the abs workout on my new AB-KING Pro. I can betcha that by the final live telecast, I will be a lean, mean horny hag machine. It’s gonna be bye-bye Boon Cit, hello Ram Ping!

I will have abs that will set even Kelly Dorji drooling at my feet. We will end up being the vainest couple in the whole of Mumbai. We will walk the beach; me in my bikini and him in his Speedo trunk, and we will show off our washboard abs. And then we will open a launderette. Get the pun?

Anyway, like a mental and forgetful old hag, again I had digressed. Where was I? Oh yes, American Idol 5.

Another reason why my excitement is greater this year is I am utterly keen to see who can top Bo’s acapella performance. Truthfully, I was prepared to be disappointed again this year while keeping my fingers crossed that the American voters would have learnt from past mistakes and hence, do the right thing this year.

Like everyone else, this year I have my fave lots and they, in no particular preferential order, are:


I normally don’t go for those beautiful looking hunks, but gosh, this one can sing la. Okay okay, holding true to my principal of bad love songs, I will minus 10 points off him for singing Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘If You’re Not The One” last week. And to top off an obvious bad song choice, he sang it off-key some more. Aiyo. But you must agree with me that he crooned a melting rendition of Georgie Porgie’s ‘Father Figure’ though. Mr Ace, you can ask me “Who’s Your Daddy?” anytime. Anytime, dude. Anytime. [Okay la, we got the point!]


I agree with Simon Cowell that his confidence has grown and though he may not win in the looks department, he is one of the better singers. He reminds me of one of the Amish brothers alongside Harrison Ford in the movie ‘Witness’. That’s kinda unique. I would love to see him grow and excel in the upcoming shows.


This guy is really a living Mr. Brightside. I have a soft spot for guys who can carry their grey hair well. He’s got such a sunshine personality that oozes out from your tv screen. And he plays great harmonica. I like him. A lot. I just hope he picks his songs well. This man’s sure got soul, but he’s not a soldier…


This country bumpkin kinda reminds me of Carrie Underwood, only cuter and more lovable. Only she can call the Calamari the blur-sotong [bimbo octopus] way and be forgiven for her ignorance. You would have done rounds of bitch-slapping if it was Brenna. Gosh! I can’t stand that baboon. I am glad she and her ugly big ass is out of my sight! Anyway, I do predict Kelly being in the finals this year. Not for her vocal talent, but for her strong likeability factor.


Ooh, this woman is powerful. She can bring down the stage, and I am not referring to her vital statistics. I liked the way she confronted Simon so graciously, which in turn made him apologized for his tactlessness. You go, sista! I pray that she gets to the finals, against my own prediction.

And last but not least, my favourite Idol this year has to be…


From the first time I set my eyes on him, I knew he had high potential. And I love the character that he represents – a doting husband to his wife and a loving father to two of her children. How often do you find a man who will wed a woman with 2 kids, and love them as his own? Not many, right? He regarded his wife as his lucky charm and his hero. His personal goals in life were (i) to have a successful marriage and be a good father and (ii) to have a long-lasting career in music. And this one wins my vote – when asked who he will thank first if he wins, he answered “God, then my wife, and so on and so on.” What a wonderful man! And a greater singer! Honestly, I think he’s even better than Bo. If I could go to watch the finals, I will do a Sinead for him! Heh.

Did you notice his elongated curvy-S sideburn last week? Ooh, that was so cool. Almost like Prince’s.

And if my prediction is right, it will surely be like dejavu if Kelly and Chris go to the final. The rocker against the country bumpkin. Only the diff this year will be smarter voters. I hope.

Oh Chris, I pray that you win this year.

You so deserved it!

You the dawg!


March 08, 2006 // anjali* pranced on tip-toes all over the keyboard at 10:49 am