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"Is it weird in here or is it just me?" Woody Allen

HOWDY! This is a platform for me to express myself. To bare my thoughts, emotions and life stories. Leaving bite-size pieces of me before I go. I graciously invite you to comment, swap stories and thoughts. Please post your comment or get in touch with me here.


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…and it ended with a click* 

The phone rang incessantly and broke my deep sleep. I garbled a husky “llo”.

“Hey dear, did I wake you?”

“Ya. You did. What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s 3.40 in the morning.”

“Gosh! Why are you calling me at this hour?”

“Well, I can’t sleep. I thought maybe you could sweet talk me to sleep.”

“Oh man…I am really tired, G. Can’t you just go watch Astro or something? Or drink some cough mixture?”

“Pleeeeeese anj*…just for awhile.”

Sigh. “Okay, what do you want to talk about?’

“Whatcha wearing now, babe?”

“Aiyo. Please la. Don’t make me sick with such questions! Next topic, please!”

“Hey, you all geared up for your Singapore trip?”

“Ha. Yes I am! I can’t wait to see Damien live! Can’t believe this is actually happening!”

“What if I asked you not to go? You know I have not been feeling too good about myself lately. Would you do that for me, baby?”

“Sorry? Can you please repeat what you just said??”

“I said don’t go to Singapore. Stay here with me. Make a choice!”

“I really don’t believe I’m hearing this. Are you asking me to choose between you and Damien Rice?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Please don’t do this, G. I don’t think you want to hear what I have to say.”

“No, I want to make that choice NOW. So tell me!”

“Please la. I really am not keen to do this. I don’t want to say something I am going to regret later…so please. ”

“Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! I am a man. I can take whatever you have to say.”

“Don’t spoil it, G. Let’s talk tomorrow, k? I am really, really tired. And I have an early meeting tomorrow. And you are starting to irritate me. And test my patience.”

“No, anj*. Make that choice, NOW!’

“Okay, if you must. You might as well have taken a knife now and stab it to your heart, coz it would definitely be less painful than hearing what I have to say. Let me paint this clearly for you once and for all. You want me to choose between you and Damien Rice? I would choose Mr. Rice without a blink. This is something I’ve been hoping to experience for a long time now and I am not about to throw it away for you, someone whom I have known for only a month! While we are on the subject of choosing, allow me to elaborate. If I have to choose between you and Smokey, I would choose Smokey. And if you ask me to choose between life with and life without you, I would choose the latter. What about choosing between a man and a big baby? I would choose a man or not at all. Are you clear on my choices now???”

“Did anyone tell you that you are really brutal?”

“Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

“All I wanted to do was just to talk to you…”

“You called that talking? That’s not talking – it’s emotional blackmail! Look, I am really tired and I am even more tired of this dead-end conversation. If you really need someone to talk to, why don’t you just look into the mirror and talk to yourself?”

“Haha. That’s funny.”

“Am glad you still have your sense of humour. Whatever that suits you la. I am gonna end this conversation here, k?”

“K. You put down the phone first la. I want to hear your phone click”

“Whatever.” Click.

Almost immediately the phone rang again.

“Why did you put down the phone for? I haven’t finished talking…”

“But I thought you ask me to put down the phone???”

“Ya, but you’re supposed to ask me to put down the phone first too…”

“You are pissing me off. Listen to me closely and I will only say this once – Good night. Good bye. Good riddance. ”


Smokey turned to look at me and gave a disgusted meow. [Translation: Idiot!]

My sentiment, exactly.

March 28, 2006 // anjali* pranced on tip-toes all over the keyboard at 1:09 pm