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"Is it weird in here or is it just me?" Woody Allen

HOWDY! This is a platform for me to express myself. To bare my thoughts, emotions and life stories. Leaving bite-size pieces of me before I go. I graciously invite you to comment, swap stories and thoughts. Please post your comment or get in touch with me here.


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encounter of the blogging kind* 

Last Saturday, I met David at the Coffee Beans opposite to PJ Hilton, approximately one year after throwing him the invite for some premium priced roti canai & teh tarik as a gesture of my utmost appreciation for helping me with my blog HTML codes.

Technically, he is the first blogger I've met personally. Mei and Genius simply don't count because I've known and met them before they even started blogging.

Honestly prior to the meet, I felt kinda weird. Scared. Excited. Anguished. Butterflies. Somewhat like the jitters you get with blind dates (ahem...definitely not speaking from experience!) Honestly I have no reason to be. Being a hermit with a schizo stalker trait, I quickly churn up reasons why I should not be fearful and was in fact having the upper hand over the situation:
i) By having 'corresponded' via haloscan, we were not complete strangers.
ii) And I also found out that David used to do his internship in my company, under the watchful eye of my friend, Steph.
iii) Steph has also told me of all his strengths and weaknesses, which I can use against him if I want to. Hehe.
iv) I know what he looks like.
v) I know which church he goes to pray every Sunday. So if he tries to be too clever, I can just call his pastor to complain. Haa. That a better ultimate weapon than calling his mother! Or even the girlfriend! *evil laugh*

Anyway, we finally met and we chat like old pals. I have always thought of him as a very clever chap coz he knows his HTML codes better than I know my ABC backwards! And he self-taught all the computer geeky stuff. Sometimes, I don't even understand the Engrand on his other website. So young and so intelligent. And such a sweet, sweet boy he is. You have my utmost respect, my dear David.

After 1 1/2 hours, I dropped him off at the Taman Jaya Putraline Station as he has to return in time for dinner. We promised to meet up again.

And here's what David has to say about our meet:

I also met up with anjali* of anjalispeaks. She’s the first blogger (outside my circle of friends) I’ve ever met and she’s nice :o) We just sat and chatted for more than an hour on all sorts of things. She’s pretty artsy and I think she’s the creative type, although she doesn’t think she is. Anyway, meeting her makes me feel like I want to meet more bloggers.

Awwwww...that's sweet.

So the next question would be - Am I keen to meet more bloggers? Yes definitely, but maybe not so soon.

January 24, 2005 // anjali* pranced on tip-toes all over the keyboard at 11:42 pm